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Here you will find recipes for desserts and sweet treats for every season!

Our main ethos is to celebrate British seasonal produce through creating something delicious! Whether it’s Spring or Autumn, you can find a wonderful recipe to make using seasonal ingredients or using locally sourced products!

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Chocolate and Blackberry Layer Cake

Autumn is definitely here! It’s suddenly a lot cooler outside, so I feel it’s certainly time to start having some autumnal recipes on the blog!! Blackberries are one of my favourite berries to use this time of the year. They are also so versatile and easy to use in so many types of desserts and […]

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Biscoff and Blueberry Ice Cream

In my opinion… it’s always ice cream season! And while I love going out to search for the best ice cream establishment I can find in London for a scoop of the best ice cream I can find, making ice cream at home is so fun and it’s so cheap to make! Plus there is […]

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Blueberry and Cherry Cupcakes

Okay… these are pretty epic…. The ultimate summer cupcake, so fresh and so fluffy… what more could you ask for?! Blueberries and Cherries are some of my fave fruit and love it when they are in season! I could literally eat an entire punnet in one sitting if I had the option! This recipe is […]

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